Dante’s Cove to Return Fall 2011

After years of waiting, Dante’s Cove is set to return to TV screens in late fall 2011! A press release from here! TV reveals that they are in production of Dante’s Cove: The Book of Tresum. here! TV Executive Vice President and General Manager Eric Feldman said, “We are most excited to announce the return of the wildly successful cult favorite Dante’s Cove. Book of Tresum will delight the die-hard fan as well as thrill new viewers worldwide.”

From a June 6, 2011 here! TV press release:

Dante’s Cove: Book of Tresum (eight episodes; 30 minutes) Premieres Late Fall 2011 — The Dante’s Cove saga continues as the secrets, intrigues, and mysteries of Dante’s Cove arise far away from its island origins. The new chapter begins as the protectors of the “Book of Tresum” seek out the only individual who can unite the Houses of the Sun and the Moon.

It’s unclear whether Dante’s Cove: The Book of Tresum will continue from where season three left off or if this will be an entirely new tale with new locations and cast.

Thanks to CT for the tip!

August 15, 2011 Update: Here! has released additional information about Dante’s Cove: The Book of Tresum. It is now clearly being billed as a new series and not a continuation or season four of Dante’s Cove. The Book of Tresum is going to be set 21 years later and will be shot on location in New York City and Turks & Caicos. Casting information is still not available. There is speculation amongst fans as to how far into production the show is and if it will actually be ready for airing Fall 2011. Here! has posted in its Facebook discussion about the new series indicating that casting was not yet finalized and they are waiting on that to begin production. This makes a Fall 2011 premiere even less likely.

Queer as Folk Hits Milestone Age Quietly

There’s an anniversary this week that is passing without much fanfare. On December 3, 2000 the Showtime original series Queer as Folk burst onto the screens of American television taking viewers where they never were before, and quite possibly have never gone since. Originally the brainchild of Russell T. Davies for UK television, the US version by Ron Cowen and Dan Lipman drew controversy and acclaim. It made me subscribe to Showtime months before it actually aired in anticipation.

For as loud and flamboyantly as the show first appeared, ten years later there is barely more than a whisper for a show that was landmark television. It was a milestone show that broke many boundaries. The show took you on a helluva ride following the lives of a group of gay friends. Carefully woven into the show were messages of awareness, hope and solidarity. It clearly made a bold statement and paved the way for other shows to break even more boundaries and go even further beyond the expected. As Queer as Folk ages gracefully its vividness begins to fade from memory, but will forever leave a lasting impression on television and culture.

Rocky Horror + Glee = Something Wonderful This Way Comes

The Rocky Horror episode of Glee was good at first, but something was lost on me since I never saw Rocky Horror. I remember going to see Star Wars films while growing up and The Rocky Horror Picture Show would be playing in the same theater at midnight. It freaked the good little Catholic schoolboy in me out. Between the title and pictures I had seen, I thought it was a really scary slasher-type film, so scary that they could only show it at midnight.

Since there was a lot of fuss about Glee doing Rocky Horror and the episode didn’t mesh with my impression of what Rocky Horror was all about, I decided it’s time to hide behind the sofa and watch it from a safe distance. Even in adulthood, the impression that the film (and the musical that was its root I was now aware of) were dark and evil beyond that of the vampire movies and shows that fill my Tivo. Sometimes there is just no shaking that Catholic upbringing. While I credit Catholic school with the best education I ever received, it lacks in many other areas. But that is another story.

So on Halloween night I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was probably the campiest, craziest, weirdest, freak show I have ever seen and it was just brilliant. BRILLIANT. And even more brilliant thinking that something like that was produced in the 1970s and made it into theaters at all. And to this day, 35 years later it is still playing. Amazing.

I totally credit Glee for turning me on to this pop and queer culture gem that I’ve kept at a safe distance for too long. I re-watched the Glee Rocky Horror episode and it made a completely different impression on me. I get it now and will rank it up there with some of Glee’s best episodes. I wouldn’t have bothered with it if it weren’t for something Shue said — that Rocky Horror is about people being different, outcasts trying to fit in and find someplace where they can just be. The second time I watched the episode I had a “wow – if only I could roll the clock back” moment when he said that so that I could’ve sneaked into The Rocky Horror Picture show when I was a teenager.

FCKH8 Campaign Crass, But Gets the Message Out

The FCKH8 campaign to raise money and awareness for hate could be considered a bit crass and has certainly raised a few eyebrows. Whether it goes too far or not, who can say? But what can be said for sure is that it has people talking and is raising awareness in this time when bullying and hate is running rampant.

The Handy Housewife Helper

On Desperate Housewives, Bree has a new hunky contractor in the form of Brian Austin Green. He can show me his paint chips or ask me to feel his wood anytime! Bree spurned both suggestions from him, but I’d be more than happy to oblige. And he need not put his shirt on for my benefit either.

I wasn’t a big fan of his from Beverly Hills 90210 days, but he’s become a buff, tattooed hunk of a 30something man that has caused me to go ohhh…

Glee Going too Far

I’ve been catching up on Glee and have to say I’m very disappointed with the new season. I expect the usual plots, ploys and zingers but what used to be fun seems to have become vicious. The entire first episode of this season was uncomfortable and disgusting. The treatment of Coach Bieste by the teachers was unforgivable and Rachel sending the new girl to a crack house was just uncalled for. It was all too malicious.

While Glee has dealt with tough and unpleasant issues in the past, it always left you with a good feeling at the end of an episode, but that was not the case with the season premier. I was the most shocked with Will jumping on Sue’s bandwaggon to bully Bieste. He did apologize in the end, but how can one really every completely forget or forgive? Certainly Bieste will not forget, nor will I. Shue, your cuteness factor will only get you so far.

The next episode did no better with everyone purposely going to the dentist to get gassed so they could have Britney Spears hallucinations. Only with the third episode did I find some redemption, although Finn seeing Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich was a bit over the top (and too Jason Stackhouse dumb for the character). And while I agree that a specific religion should not be taught in school, I do believe that there should be some medium for kids to learn about different forms of spirituality, religions and belief systems to determine what is a good fit for them. For that reason, that episode did end on an upswing.

Has the Seeker Really Gotten the Axe?

While the axe was seemingly lowered on Legend of the Seeker last spring, rumors persisted all summer that ABC (who owns the production rights, but didn’t air it) was shopping the series around and that there were some interested parties. However, it looks like no one took the bait for this extraordinary series based on The Sword of Truth books.

Really? How could anyone pass on an action series starring Craig Horner.

Join in to Save Our Seeker

Hilarious Hal

If you have not seen Hal Sparks’ stand up routine, you are missing something extra special. His new special on Showtime, Charmageddon, is fucking hilarious and the best I have seen in a long time. He ranks right up there with Kathy Griffin, Whoopi and Ellen.

He is cutting, to the point, and to use his own term “coarse,” but everything he says rings so true and his delivery and timing makes the truths he speaks utterly entertaining. If you can’t catch his show on Showtime, a DVD will be released at the end of June.

Video: Hal Sparks – Medium
Video: Hal Sparks – Pussy
Video: Hal Sparks – Sexting